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About Maharashtra
Welcome to Maharashtra. A land whose sheer size and diversity will stun you. Enjoy her mountains that stretch out into the mists as far as the eye can see. Her innumerous forts that stand proud and strong. Her scores of temples, sculpted into and out of basalt rock. Her diverse and colourful cultures, woven into one gigantic quilt. Her festivals that galvanise the sleepy thousands into fervent motion. And her miles of silver, white beaches, stretched taut and inviting over the entire coast. Welcome aboard a travel package that gives you a glimpse into this vibrant and beautiful land.

Welcome to Maharashtra. A land untouched, unsullied, unlimited.

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Pilgrim Temple
Hill Station
Dating back to the 2nd BC and artistically built over a few centuries, the Caves of Maharashtra have an extraordinary appeal and aura. Nestled in the formidable Sahayadri Mountain Range, these caves have been home to monks of different religions.Be it the paintings in the Ajanta caves or the sculpture of the Ellora caves, or the divine presence in the Elephanta caves, the visitors have always and will always continue to be spellbound. These caves offer a visit that is truly unforgettable. A visit that will induce a sense of discovery, a discovery of the self, and of the divine.
Ajanta and Ellora are the pride of Maharashtra. The rock-cut caves of both these sites.
The cave temples and monasteries at Ellora, excavated out of the vertical face.
9 nautical miles across the sea from the Gateway of India lay Elephanta,
Not as well known as Ajanta yet also interest are the rock-cut caves of Pitalkhora.

Standing as silent sentinels to history are the 350-odd forts of Maharashtra. Beaten by the sea waves, lashed at by the torrential Deccan rains, or scorched in the blazing sun, stand imposing ramparts and crumbling walls. The last lingering memories of Maharashtra's martial times. Nowhere in the country would you encounter such a profusion of forts. And such variety. Sited on an island, as at Murud-Janjira or guarding the seas as at Bassein, or among the Sahyadri hills, as at Raigad, whose zig-zag walls and rounded bastions sit like a sceptre and crown amidst hills turned mauve.
Most of the forts in Maharashtra whether up in the hills or near the seas are associated with Shivaji --the great Maratha warrior and an equally great fort builder. Moreover, these forts were treated as mini-cities, such as Panhala, which is now a hill station. The concept of the fort-city was, however, not peculiar to Shivaji alone. The Portuguese who came to India as traders and missionaries, built within a century of their coming, Bassein, a garden city to rival many a European capital.
Today, these forts numbed by sun and sleet, have not only been witness to changing times, but have also shaped them and within their walls throb the heart-beat of history.

Maratha Forts Beyond the walls.

Devagiri Daulatabad
Devagiri (Daultabad of the later period), 11kms north-west
Murud Janjira
Situated on a rock of oval shape near the port town of Murud, 165kms.
Raigarh was Shivaji’s capital, the hill fort where he was crowned.
Sindhudurg fort stands on a rocky island, known as Kurte, barely a km.
Panhala or Panhalgarh, about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur.
Raigarh was Shivaji’s capital, the hill fort where he was crowned.
Pilgrim Temple

India is a country that is steeped in spirituality and religion. Some of the greatest monuments have been temples, dedicated to the gods and goddesses -- a celebration of faith. Maharashtra, too has its fair share of religious shrines, encompassing the many religions that grace India. In many cases, the shrines are visited by people from India and abroad, all walks of life and differing faiths.

Day 01: Pune to Shirdi
This day you will be picked up from Pune station/airport and proceed to the holi destination of Shirdi. On arrival check-in to the hotel and get refreshed. After refreshment proceed to Shani singhnapur and return back to hotel by late evening; overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Shirdi - Aurangabad
Early morning proceed for the darshan of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Later return back and after breakfast at hotel, check-out and proceed to Aurangabad. Check-in and proceed for Local city tour & Ellora caves; Return by late evening & overnight at hotel.
Just half a kilometre from the Ellora Caves is Ghrishneshwar Temple.
Ashta vinayak
Vinayak is another name for Ganesh, the god loved and worshiped.
Mahalaxmi Kolhapur
This exquisitely carved temple draws millions of pilgrims from all over world.
"The Lord has sent me into world for the purpose of spreading.
Nashik is among the most holy places that evokes a personality of its own. Rich in mythological connotations with great historical and cultural significance, Nashik is about 75 km from Shirdi. Here you can visit several of temples and religious spots making your spiritual journey lively and fulfilling. Among the temples you could visit Panchavati with five sacred banyan trees and Sita Gumpha. You can also visit Naroshankar Temple built in an architectural style of Maya. Kalaram Temple is dedicated to Kala Ram built with black stones. Sundarnarayan Temple is situated at the corner of Ahillyabai Holkar Bridge. In addition to many temples and religious places, Nashik also has Shri Kailas Math, one of the Vedas Schools in Nashik.
Pandharpur is a town in Solapur district in state of Maharashtra.
Shani Shingnapur
Shanisinghnapur is a village that is the holy seat Lord Shani. Another important pilgrim spot near to Shirdi, Shanisinghnapur is about 70 km from here Shirdi. Here the devotees themselves can perform pooja and abhishek on any day at Shari Shaneshvar tirtha. Amavasya or the no moon day, which falls on a Saturday, is considered to be most auspicious. On such a day lakhs of devotees from all corners of the country come to receive blessings of Shri Shanidev. On every Shani Amavasya a yatra is held with great fanfare. One unique quality about this village is that there are no doorframes or locks in any of the houses. It is said that it's because of Lord Shani's blessings that there is no fear of crime in the village.

Maharashtra's 720 km long affair with the Arabian Sea extends from Dahanu and Bordi in the north up to Goa proceeding southwards. If you've got a penchant for sand, sea and surf, this state has a great many interesting options in store. Any place you choose is conveniently linked to Mumbai -- a good starting point. All these places are well connected by State Buses. The coastal climate of Maharashtra makes travelling pleasant all round the year. Seas are rough only during the monsoon which strikes between June and September.

Discover the real Maharashtra while you soak up the sun on soft sands or explore intriguing sights.

Dahanu Bordi
Dahanu, a quiet seaside town with a sprawling, uncluttered beach, is situated in Thane District.
The sun-kissed beach and lush green of Ganapatipule inevitably draws tourists back,
Mandwa and Kihim
You will find these two beach fronts 12 miles north of Alibag on the north coast and easily.
Marve Manori and Gorai
North of Mumbai and away from its bustling crowds and pollution, are these 3 gems that.
Shriwardhan Harihareshwar
Gentle winds, soft sands and inviting waters make Shriwardhan Bay irresistible to beach.
Situated 6 kms south of Malvan and 546 kms away from Mumbai on the coast of
North of the Shastri River lies the idyllic village of Velneshwar. The quiet, coconut-fringed.
Vengurla Malvan
With its long stretch of white sands, and hills covered with cashew, coconut, jackfruit.
Hill Station

The geography of Maharashtra shows evidence of a divine hand. Running north to south, throughout its length are the steeply rising Western Ghats. The foothills sometimes approaching the seashore and sometimes withdrawing 40 or 50 kms away seem to be playing an eternal game with the Arabian Sea.

Nestling shyly in these mountains, some at an altitude of 2000 metres, are the hill stations of Maharashtra. These towns offer clean, calm and a thoroughly refreshing alternative to city life. They are probably the only places in India where you can observe the fall of the land all the way to the shimmering sea. Mumbai, India's commercial capital, and easily the most accessible city in this country, is the perfect gateway to Maharashtra's hill country, with convenient and comfortable links by road, rail, and air.

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station
Boating or fishing at the placid Venna Lake at Mahabaleshwar, you find the time and the environment to put your life and priorities.
Matheran Hill Station
Your toy train chugs along slowly without a care in the world. During the two hour ascent, food vendors and monkeys jump.
Panchgani Hill Station
In nearby Panchgani - which derives its name from the five hills that surround it - you set out on one of the special visits arranged by More Info.
Jawhar Hill Station
Not for nothing is it named the 'Mahabaleshwar of Thane district,. In beauty and climate it is no less. And there's so much.
Khandala Lonavala Karla Hill Station
Khandala and Lonavala are two charming hill stations on the western slopes of the Sahyadris, 5 kms apart straddling the Mumbai-Pune.
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